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WP Foro Integration

LiveWebinar Integration

Webinar Jam Integration

Mautic Integration

Froged Integration

Improved Digistore24 integration

wishpond Integration

AppSumo Integration


Affiliate WP Integration

Update Email Integrations to work with Pay Per Posts.

Zoom Integration

In Progress

Update Active Campaign

Trigger an action (add to level, remove from level, etc) whenever a member is tagged with a specific tag/s in ActiveCampaign

Upgrade Convert Kit

Trigger an action (add to level, remove from level, etc) whenever a member is tagged with a specific tag/s in ConvertKit

Integration for Gutenberg

The idea is to clone Gutenberg group blocks and anything inside this group block will be hidden/displayed based on the following:

  • Members of a level
  • Non-members of a level
  • Logged in
  • Logged out
  • Everyone

Logging Updates

Under the Member Details adding in a section for Logging History and Content Viewed.

Team/Group/Corporate/Umbrella Accounts

The concept here is to allow "child" accounts linked to one "parent" account.

There's a pretty good discussion about this topic on our Official Facebook Group. You can find it HERE!

WishList Member Improvements

Always looking to enhance WishList Member. These are the most recent upgrades coming for WLM in general.

Last updated 4 days ago
Jan 19, 2021

WishList Member v3.9 Build 7524

  • BuddyPress
    • Fixed issue where non admin users are unable to access profile ages (eg. /members/username/groups) and are redirected to the non members page.
    • Fixed 404 when viewing news feeds when Thrive Apprentice is installed

  • Divi integration
    • Updated integration to work with modules as well

  • FluentCRM
    • Fixed: dropdown fields not populated in modals
    • Fixed: adding tags not working

  • Email Notifications
    • Fixed incorrect notification email being sent for additional levels added via level actions
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DIVI Integration Module Protection
Jan 12, 2021

New Release: WishList Member v3.9 Build 7503

What’s New

  • Integrations
    • Code Redemption – allows members to sign-up using coupon codes. Can be used to integrate with services like AppSumo and the like
    • FluentCRM – allows easy integration between WishList Member and FluentCRM lists and tags
    • Divi – allows sections and rows to be displayed or hidden based on login state and membership

  • Profile
    • Added support for a profile photo. A member can opt to either upload a photo or use gravatar.
    • Added wlm_profilephoto which the site’s admin can use to display a user’s profile photo anywhere on the site where shortcodes are supported
    • Developers can call $image_url = (new \WishListMember\User( $user_id ) )->get_profile_photo() to grab a user’s profile photo directly

  • Levels Edit Screen
    • Added hooks to allow developers to add their own tabs in the levels edit screen
      • added wishlistmember_level_edit_tabs filter : expects associative array where key is the tab index and the value is the tab label
      • added wishlistmember_level_edit_tab_pane_{index} action : index is based off the wishlistmember_level_edit_tabs filter
      • added wishlistmember_edit_level JavaScript trigger to ‘body’. This trigger passes level as 2nd parameter to the handler to allow developers to know via JavaScript if a level is being edited.

Updates and Fixes

  • API

    • Fixed issue where the date adjustment for active levels are still being processed even though the level is set to “On Going”.
    • Fixed issue where the email notifications are not being sent even when the SendMail parameter is included in the API when users are added to a membership level via the API resource /levels/{level_id}/members.
    • fixed php warning due to 1st parameter being passed to array_multisort() not being an array

  • Integrations

    • All
      Updated the text for Pay Per Posts in “access” dropdowns

      • Removed “group option” for post types that have no pay per posts
    • Payment Integrations

      • PayPal Checkout

        • Fixed the issue with “Cannot use assign-op operators with string offsets” PHP error that breaks the PayPal Checkout menu.
        • Fixed issue where the cancellation option called “Cancel Membership at End of PayPal Subscription” doesn’t work. We now just calculates the cancellation date of the user when the IPN for the subscription cancellation is sent by PayPal and just applies a scheduled cancellation date.
        • We now cancel the member’s level when PayPal sends WishList Member the Instant Payment Notification letting WishList Member know that the recurring payment failed and got suspended.

      • Stripe

        • Fixed Profile Shortcode issue where updating or publishing using admin account with member level shows the error: “Updating failed. The response is not a valid JSON response.”
        • Fixed the issue where editing the button label and/or panel button label in the Stripe Configuration Payment Form won’t reflect unless the default values for button label and/or panel button label in the button shortcode is manually removed or set to blank.
        • Fixed issue with customers being able to register even when their payment failed.
        • Fixed issue where the message ‘Not connected to a Stripe Plan Purchase’ is being shown in the profile page when the latest version of API is used in the customer’s Stripe account.
        • Fixed issue with the cancellation not working when members try to cancel their subscription through the Stripe Profile page.
        • We now check whether the coupon is still valid or not. Previously we still reduce the price even if the coupon used has already expired.
        • fixed missing JavaScript dependency error
        • Changes the label of the Pay Button to “Checking Coupon” when the user enters coupon code.
        • Fixed issue where the Pay Button gets disabled permanently when user clicks/types on the Coupon Code on some browsers. (Happens is Safari and Edge browser.)
        • fixed issue where updating the credit card stopped working.

      • WooCommerce

        • Fixed the issue where editing a WooCommerce product using the “Quick Edit” removes the product’s set up from the integration.
        • admin is kicked out of wp-admin when manually adding an order for a new customer due to autologin
        • Fixed the issue with WooCommerce Subscription and registration date on renewal. The level date would change to the renewal date at WishList Member when a subscription is renewed from WooCommerce. This issue is solved now.
        • Fixed the issue where the membership level is not being added to the user when purchasing a product that is set to have access to both PayPerPost(s) and Level(s). Only access to PayPerPost is added to the user.
        • We no longer remove levels from a member when the subscription status is changed to ‘on-hold’ or ‘pending’. We now set the level as pending for approval.

      • PlugnPaid

        • Fixed an issue where none of the membership levels/products appear in the products tab of plugnpaid integration after deleting a product in plugnpaid’s site when it is still linked to a level.

      • InfusionSoft

        • updated code that checks for level username format to go through each level passed sorted by level order. The username format of the first level with autocreate_account_enable enabled will be used

      • All

        • fixed broken custom post type pay per posts registrations via integrations

    • Email Integrations

      • All
        • Other fields do not show if InfusionSoft email integration is activated
        • Fixed JavaScript error causing toggle switch to enable/disable autoresponder to not work properly

    • Other Integrations

      • BuddyBoss
        • Fixed the issue where links to custom post type in BuddyBoss activity widget/page is redirecting to a 404 error.
        • fixed double entries in admin section dropdown menus
        • Fixed issue in System Pages Protection where users with cancelled/expired levels can still access protected BuddyBoss system pages (eg. Groups, Activity).
        • Improved loading time if you have 100+ groups

      • LearnDash
        • Improved loading time if you have 100+ courses

      • GotoWebinar
        • Fixed issue where the GoToWebinar API integration stopped working because users were unable to get authorization code.

      • Elementor
        • Fixed issue where the protected element is being shown to users who haven’t confirmed their registration.
        • Updated WishList Member options
          • changed “All users” to “Everybody”
          • changed “Non-Members” option to “Not Logged-in”
          • added “Logged-in” option which displays content if the user is logged-in irregardless of the membership level they are in
        • Behavioral changes
          • “Not Logged-in” (formerly “Non-Members”) will now display content ONLY if the user is not logged-in
          • “Members not in Membership Level(s)” will now display content ONLY if the user is BOTH logged-in AND not a member of ALL the selected levels. Previous behavior also displays the content if the user is not logged-in
        • WebHooks
          • added username format to use for auto-generation of username if it is not provided
        • All LMS Integrations
          • added “enroll existing member” functionality to:
            • TutorLMS
            • SenseiLMS
            • LifterLMS
            • eLearnCommerce
            • WPCourseware
            • LearnDash

      • All
        • fixed JavaScript error on other integrations when BuddyBoss or LearnDash are opened first causing modals, etc to not work.

  • Members Management

    • Export
      • fixed issue with slashes on custom fields where if an entry with an apostrophe (‘) is inserted in a custom field in WishList Member, the field is escaped and a backslash is added.

    • Added checking for CancelDateReason when displaying scheduled cancellations. If a reason is provided then display a tooltip for it.
    • added pay per post to list of levels if the member has any
    • increased the width of the levels filters filter (search) to 220px
    • Fixed WishList Member for InfusionSoft Contact ID does not show in other fields when editing a user

  • Levels

    • fixed corrupted levels due to line breaks.
    • Fixed issue where the new registration email is not being sent to new members when the level has an AddTo action set. This only happens when the AddTo level’s user notification is set to “Send Email ONLY for New Members”.

  • Registration and Logins

    • changed country field from plain text to dropdown list in custom registration forms. note that the country field in the custom registration form has to be removed and re-added (with the same field name) for this to take effect
    • Fixed Expired password reset link when WishList Member handles it.

  • Content Protection

    • Folder Protection
      • Fixed an issue where turning on Folder Protection will not render protected svg files on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge even when the member should have access.

  • Content Control

    • Fixed issue where the schedules added to Content Manager are not being processed.
    • Issue where removing a Scheduled manager doesn’t work when the action is done in the Post/Page edit screen.
    • Fixed Archiver error message issue for not logged in users when a post/page is not archived yet.

  • Other

    • Media Attachment Metabox
      • Fixed the issue of media attachment metabox not getting styled
      • Hide the System Pages menu item for media attachments

    • Translation
      • fixed non-translateable menu items not
      • Fixed the issue with translating “Get One-Time Login Link” text.
      • fixed shortcode creator labels to always be display:block

    • PHP
      • fixed property on non-object errors
      • fixed undefined index notices
      • fixed warnings of undefined array offsets
      • removed trailing backward slash
      • replaced # comments with // for PHP8 compatibility
      • fixed memory allocation maxing out when viewing WordPress’s Appearance > Menus
    • Fixed “jQuery is not defined” JavaScript error at frontend.
    • Fixed Conflict with Testify Plugin where the modal forms in WishList Member is not working when the Testify plugin is activated.
    • Updated .htaccess for backup folder to use “Require all denied” if Apache version is >=2.4 or “deny from all” otherwise
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Official Integration with fluentCRM

FluentCRM recently created an integration on their side with WishList Member. It would be good to add support for it inside of WishList Member so that a member could be added or removed from an automation in fluentCRM when they are either added, removed or cancelled from a level in WishList Member.

Divi Integration

Integration to give WishList Member the ability to hide and show rows in Divi based on membership levels and status.

Nov 20, 2020

New Customer Center!

New Customer Center Launching!

Super excited to announce our new customer center for accessing your software and subscriptions with WishList Products. You'll be able to download the latest version of WishList Member and access your Support & Updates subscription details as well.

We will also be updating and including additional training resources, tutorials and instructions for WishList Member in the Training section.

You can login to the new portal HERE!

Nov 16, 2020

The New RoadMap

Welcome!   👋

We've been busy pulling together our new RoadMap which you've obviously discovered by now. This new hub will be used to communicate all of the new plans and current progress for development of the WishList Member plugin for WordPress. 

Be sure to leave any suggestions that you may have over in the Ideas section.

Add Idea
New idea
Brizy Integration

Please integrate with Brizy
Request from: Studio - @universaldesignz
Date Requested: 9/20/2020

Last updated 4 months ago
New idea
WishList Member - Confirm Email Address on Registration

Currently when a new member subscribes to a WL member site, there is no "confirm your email" field, to weed out typos from the first email field. This is leading to customers accidentally putting typos in their email address, which is preventing automated subscription emails from reaching them. And without their real email address, the seller then has no means of making contact with the customer to correct the problem. I have first hand experience of this multiple times, and I believe it could be prevented by giving the option of a "confirm your email" field upon signup. Because it would be very unlikely that someone would do the same typo twice in both email fields. So a "confirm your email" field that crosschecks the first email field with the second one, would be a great feature to have.

Request from: Sam - @ghbg
Date Requested: 5/10/2020

Last updated 4 months ago
New idea
Oxygen Builder Integration

Integration to give WishList Member the ability to hide and show info in Oxygen Builder based on membership levels and status.

Last updated 4 months ago
New idea
Happy Forms Integration

Please integrate with Happy Forms
Request from: Studio - @universaldesignz
Date Requested: 9/20/2020

Last updated 4 months ago
New idea
Fluent Forms Integration

Please consider adding WP Fluent Forms integration. It's a very powerful WP form builder, similar to Gravity Forms and some recent lifetime deals have added to their popularity.

Request from: Tony Eppright - @alphablossom
Date Requested: 4/14/2020

Last updated 4 months ago
New idea
Stripe Integration Upgrade - Cancelation but continue to end of cycle

Re-requesting additional integration with Stripe so that when member cancels, there is the option for their membership to continue to end of billing cycle or end immediately. This would be set in the admin settings. This would save us from having to manually refund the fraction of unused subscription period.
The Stripe API is already there, it just needs to be applied. Really need this improved integration with Stripe feature asap!

Request from: Rachan Chindarsi - @rachanchindarsi
Date Requested: 7/5/2020

Better Stripe integration when a member cancels so that there is option for the membership to continue until paid-for date.

I asked whether members have access to the end of the paid for date, after they click to cancel the subscription (with Stripe shortcode).

I was told this:

"I believe the only shopping cart we fully integrate with that allows cancel at the end of subscription is PayPal Checkout. Otherwise, they are immediately cancelled from the level."

If so then I need to manually refund the customer every time there is a cancellation, and this can be done in Stripe.
But we can't do this if we don't know that they've cancelled their membership.
There doesn't seem to be a way for admin to be notified when a member cancels this way, and Stripe doesn't notify (please correct me if I am wrong).
So my first request is that we require some kind of admin notification of cancellation. Is this possible for you to add to the plugin features asap?
Personally I regard this not so much a feature request as an essential core feature should be there but for some reason isn't. But your support person seemed to think I should raise it as a feature request.

My second feature request is that there be more full integration with Stripe so that when member cancels, there is the option for their membership to continue to end of paid-for date or end immediately. This would be set in the admin settings. This would save us from having to manually refund the fraction of unused subscription period.

Rachan Chindarsi - @rachanchindarsi

Last updated 4 months ago
New idea
Sendiio Integration

Requesting an integration with Sendiio (email autoresponder)

Request from: Ben Poston - @benposton
Date Requested: 7/31/2020

Last updated 4 months ago
New idea
Hey Summit Integration

15 Votes

Last updated 4 months ago
New idea
Mollie Payment Gateway Integration

Please add Mollie payment gateway.

Request from: Michael Weyck - @michaelweyck
Date Requested: 5/31/2020

Last updated 4 months ago
New idea
Add WishList Feature - Gift Memberships

Requesting Gift membership feature, please. I have customer wanting to gift the first period of a subscription plan. Seems like a great way for members to introduce on new members to a good thing.

Request from: Rachan Chindarsi - @rachanchindarsi
Date Requested: 4/15/2020

I think gift features have to be tied to the payment processing, which is separate from WLM. But if I'm wrong about that, then +1K for gift features in WLM. It is such an underserved feature and one we want so very badly.

  • Charlotte Drew - @charlottedrew2
Last updated 4 months ago
New idea
Upgrade Elementor Functionality - Add Menu Button

The Wishlist Member button in the WordPress text editor that allows you to easily insert mergecodes and shortcodes doesn't show up in Elementor. Can this be added to the Elementor integration please?

Request from: Jim - @jimcooney7
Date Requested: 8/3/2020

Last updated 4 months ago
New idea
Big Marker Integration - 14 Votes on Trello
Last updated 4 months ago
New idea
Add Feature WishList Member - Login Form Designer

🙏==>login form designer - WYSIWYG that works with the shortcode implementation and toggle for horizontal login forms

Request from: Derek Seymour - @derekseymour4
Date Requested: 7/16/2020

Last updated 4 months ago
New idea
Add Feature WishList Member - Upload field in the Registration Form

An Upload File/s field in the Registration Forms would be a fantastic option those of us needing ID verification etc.

Request from: Jack Stanistreet - @jackstanistreet
Date Requested: 7/22/2020

Last updated 4 months ago
New idea
Add Feature WishList Member - Content Control - Display all Posts

Please add the option in content control -> posts. to display all posts on the page. (Now is 10, 25, 50, 100, 200)
It would probably slow down the loading of the page, but it would save me precious time on a daily basis.

Request from: Michael Weyck - @michaelweyck
Date Requested: 4/9/2020

Last updated 4 months ago
New idea
Add Feature WishList Member - Add Member to Member Level

Replicate the feature for when you add a member to a member level using "wlm_add_member()" but using the "wlmapi_add_member_to_level()"

Request from: Eric D - @ericd96
Date Requested: 8/3/2020

Last updated 4 months ago
New idea
Gist Integration

 - 10 Votes on Trello

Last updated 4 months ago
New idea
Integromat Integration

Integromat integration 🙏 (cheaper alternative for Zapier)

Request from: Mariusz - @mariusz414
Date Requested: 7/16/2020

Integromat would be awesome. Zapier pricing is crazy did small business owners. Imtegromat much more reasonable.

Andrew Bull - @andrewbull7

Last updated 4 months ago
New idea
Upgrade ClickBank Functionality - Add multiple accounts

Requesting ability to integrate more than one Clickbank account with my Wishlist Member account on the same subdomain pls? (since all my products are included in the one member's area, and clickbank only allows one account per clickbank marketplace listing)

Request from: Chris - @chris09540760
Date Requested: 7/31/2020

Last updated 4 months ago
New idea
Gravity Forms Integration

- 9 Votes on Trello

Last updated 4 months ago