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Features that are in-progress and upcoming for releases in the near future. Please vote for your favorites so that we can build the most useful product for you! If you have other ideas that ought to be included, please feel free to send them to us on Twitter @Bootstrapp : https://twitter.com/Bootstrapp_co

In progress

Network Effects

Add pricing to primary search page (Company-profile-new, which was built by Mido)

You can refer to https://Bootstrapp.co/pricing for some basic information on the pricing we're currently offering to customers.

User Experience

Advisory Support: Premium Offering to Users

Up next

Increase Engagement

Financial calculators

Compare all financing offers in a single view, and see like-terms for all types of financing (APR, payback period, total interest/fees, etc.)


User Experience

One-click filters

100% of attributes of a financier are clickable, allowing users to search financiers with a matching attribute in one-click. Currently we have the top attributes available in filters, but would like to expand this further.

Network Effects

User can apply to all selected financiers with one click

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