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New feature
Sep 07, 2021

PDF/Excel Export of All Records

We've now released a long-awaited new feature inside of Sports Tracker allowing you to download PDF & Excel versions of your organisation records. 

Simply head to 'Export'' when inside of one of your meets to see the download options

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New Feature
PDF/Excel Export of All Records
New feature
Feb 17, 2021

Alphabetical Report Sorting

You now have the flexibility to ensure that your excel and PDF reports are generated either by lanes (default) or alphabetically by name. This applies to the blank event sheets and all results exports. 

New feature
Sep 22, 2020

Multi Day Events

Just a quick message to let you know that we've rolled out a small but powerful new feature inside of Sports Tracker to help you with Multi-Day Meets.

How it works

During the event creation process, you will now have the option to create events that span over multiple days.

By default all events will be placed on 'Day 1', however, you have full flexibility over the schedule.

Once created events will order themselves based on Day followed by the time of the event and all PDF reports and schedules will contain the day information.

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New Feature
Multi Day Events
Sep 15, 2020

iPhone/Android UI Update

We're rolling out a brand new design with enhanced features to the iPhone/iPad and Android apps to bring them in line with the website.

If you already have the app on your device this should have auto updated to the latest versions. Alternatively, you can visit your app stores via the links below to download

Download for iPhone/iPad

Download for Android

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User Experience
iPhone/Android App UI Update
New feature
Sep 04, 2020

Share Results LIVE to Your Community!

We are extremely excited to introduce a brand new feature now available inside of your Sports Tracker Accounts known as 'Progressive Results Exports'

This exciting web-based report allows you to share a special link to those in your community that wish to follow along with the results as they happen in your meet. Best of all you get full control over which types of results you want to share and also when the results are updated for the report.

How does it Work?

Once activated under the 'Exports' section of your meet, you'll be issued a custom URL for your Meet that looks like the following;

This link can be shared with your community and allows people to see a beautiful web-based report that shows the results as they were at the given generated time. See below.

As your meet progresses you then have the option to, hide or remove certain results from the report and even regenerate an update to the report allowing the updated scores to flow through.

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