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Hello 👋

Welcome to our public roadmap! Here you can see what we're currently working on and have planned in the pipeline.

View the Releases tab to see what we've recently released, and have your say on what we work on next by voting for existing ideas or submitting new ideas from our Top ideas tab.

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RTILA site https://www.rtila.net/

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Help page https://scraper.es/rtila-help/

In progress


Improve UI

Features (2)
  • Create folders for projects
  • Show an excerpt of a project
User Experience


Create help contents to cover RTILA automation.

Up next


File downloads

Features (1)
  • Allow custom name for file downloads


Loading URLs from file.

Features (2)
  • Allow to scrape ulrs loaded from a file
  • Allow to scrape the results of another project
User Experience


Features (1)
  • Log the failure when nothing is retrieved


Allow to scrape inside IFRAMES


User Experience

Database connection

Allow to connect to mysql remotely


When a query string is set, add it to a field

For example "restaurant Madrid|restaurant Barcelona|restaurant Valencia", grab the inputs and store on the results row.

Starbucks, 91333222, restaurant Madrid McDonalds, 93223233, restaurant Barcelona

Probably sometimes you add some data to fill a form. That query should be introduced on the results.

Last updated 3 months ago
Recently completed
Check the preview grid results.
Completed 6th October 2020
New release
Oct 06, 2020

RTILA 4.0.4


  • Support added for all chrome extensions https://i.imgur.com/pM362AO.png
  • "Allow empty selectors on the inspector" completed from the roadmap
  • "Check the preview grid results" completed from the roadmap
  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements
New release
Sep 28, 2020

RTILA 4.0.3 - Mac

New release
Sep 27, 2020

RTILA 4.0.2


New release
Sep 23, 2020

RTILA 4.0.1


New release
Sep 21, 2020

RTILA 4.0.0


New variable system added for automation https://i.imgur.com/v6cpnOF.png

  • Static (manual fixed value)
  • Dynamic (manipulate a variable with JavaScript)
  • Input (gather user input from a prompt box)
  • Confirm (dialog box with a specified message)
  • Selector (select value of an element from the page)

New actions added https://i.imgur.com/USRS3Jr.png

  • Alert message
  • Clear cookies
  • Extract results
  • Go to URL
  • Go forward to next page
  • Go back to previous page
  • Execute JavaScript code
  • Mock location
  • Reload page
  • Switch browser identity
  • Solve reCAPTCHA
  • Take screenshot
  • Wait navigation
  • Wait time

New events added https://i.imgur.com/lRG83ly.png

  • Click on an element
  • Check radio input
  • Focus an element
  • Hover mouse over element
  • Populate text field
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Press a keyboard key
  • Set dropdown value
  • Set checkbox state
  • Wait for element to appear

New sidebar added with the option to search by project names https://i.imgur.com/99z3hW7.png

Support added for 2captcha to solve Google reCAPTCHA https://i.imgur.com/P0Oyrq9.png

Support added for running commands from the inspector https://i.imgur.com/wwfo82P.png

Support added for using variables with conditions https://i.imgur.com/42dC1sk.png

Add Idea
New idea
Email formating

Allow to create text templates in the emails. Like changing the subject or the content text: Example: The new value is now %scrapedvalue%.

Last updated 4 months ago
New idea
Merge results

Sometimes we can be monitoring for some values, getting 1 row each time (details). Probably would be nice to merge those results in a single table for convenience. Scraping for one month will keep the results on a single table with 30 rows.

Last updated 4 months ago
New idea
Improve IF condition

For the if condition, would be great to allow a comparison with a text string to avoid creating some variable initialization. For example, to set the pagination is equal to ">"

Last updated 4 months ago
New idea
Save Screenshots with filenames using URL/Permalinks

this is the a crucial part of saving any file, you can find the file unless it is saved with the url name. atleast first 20 characters must be used in each filename as sometiome permalinks are very long

Last updated 3 months ago
New idea
Real time results cound

Add some real-time counter to know the progress (or estimated remaining time)

Last updated 3 months ago
New idea
add copy paste from keyboard (mac version)

I stil can't use the keyboard to cut and paste and copy. I have to use right click menu.

Last updated 3 months ago
New idea
Unable to select on action blocks

when I click on some automation edit component (a textbox) and I try to select the contents all the block is draggable. and it's not easy to create a selection with the mouse

Last updated 4 months ago