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Recurring Billing Scheduler Add-On for Business Central (SaaS and On-Premise)

In progress

New feature

Contract quote generation from an existing contract

With this feature users will be able to create quote from an existing ReBilS contract. It is useful when someone wish to change the existing contracts with new items or period... etc.

New feature

Project modul integration

With the integration, users can connect ReBilS contract lines with Project Job planning lines.

New feature

Summary views/reports based on active contract items

New feature

Copy contract from other contract

There will be an option to use a ReBilS contract as template, so users can easily generate new ReBilS contracts based on the copied one.


Comment enhancement

Ability to add original item data as a comment for maintenance item

New feature

Consumption registration

With this feature, users will be able to setup a recurring service for that they can register consumptions. It can be used for - example - support services where the end-users have a period based pre-purchased support hours that they wish to consume and follow.

Features (4)
  • Periods and credit entry management
  • Consumption registration
  • Managing different contract periods
  • Close period function with compensation
December 2020

Up next

New feature

Notification before turning date

Automatic notification with customizable content, with prices, renewal turn dates..etc.
It works as a notification of the following payment.

New feature

Consumption entries from Time Sheet

Users can directly register consumption from Time Sheet.


Multiple maintenance items

Sometimes there is more than one related maintenance items from a sold item. ReBilS will have the option to manage this request.


New feature

Forecast report based on active contracts

New feature

Purchase price per customer

Sometimes the purchase price depends on who is the customer. With this function users will have the option to setup the purchase price for an exact customer (ReBilS contract).

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