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Implement a Roadmap System for Christ Summit

Roadmap cards represent product deliverables and are linked to a roadmap objective. Each card can have specific features as well as release dates that can easily be displayed or hidden.

September 2020

Christ & Commerce: The Intersection of Faith & Work

Christ & Commerce will be scheduled in March in 2021. The focus of Christ & Commerce is to equip and edify Christians in the Marketplace. In 2021 we will be covering 26 Leadership Lessons from the Life of the Apostle Paul.

Some things to expect:

  • We will be inviting businesses who offer Reseller Accounts along with or without White Labeling options.
  • We will be inviting 2-3 Key Note Speakers.
  • We will create workshops after the summit.
  • We will try to maximize the engagement and networking of the event.
March 2021

Speakers Directory

We are in the process of creating a Speakers Directory where event organizers can contact potential speakers for their event. Christ Summit will help facilitate arrangements between speakers and organizers.


Event Organizers Training

We are developing hands-on training for individuals/groups/organizations who want to organize events. We will coach you on how to use the various platforms as well as the ancillary tools to maximize the outcome of your planned events.


E-Zines: Digital Magazines

We want to develop digital magazines on various categories/niches: Ministry, Business|Entrepreneurship, Men's Issues, Women's Issues, Marriage & Family, Finance, etc.

Up next


Church Outreach

Start marketing and training churches on how to host virtual events.

January 2020

Podcasters Directory

We will be creating a Podcasters Directory. This wil be an opportunity to view and listen to what's available in Audio Ministry. Podcasters will also be able to network and be able to invite one another to their productions.

Ministry Partnership

Ministry Partnerships

We will try to grouw our partnerships with various Christian organizations and ministries who's visions and missions are inline with Christ Summit.


Bible Study

We are looking to start a couple of Bible Studies online. Our goal is to help mature believers and to accomplish that we will start with foundational topics/materials and build from the ground up.


  • Old & New Testament Surveys
  • Christian Living
  • Systematic Theology
  • Apologetics
  • Church History

Institute for Christian Marriage & Family

We want to gather a library of resources already available publicly as well as put together our own resources to help equip marriages and family spiritually. These resources will vary in forms (podcasts, books, blogs, YouTube videos, courses, sermons, etc.).


Institute for Christian Leadership

We want to build a library of resources on Christian Leadership. These resources will be external and in-house.

Business Partnership

Consolidate & Expand Business Partnerships

Our business partnerships are important to to our operations and to conitnue to support families, churches, organizations, and ministries.


E-Commerce Expansion

Expanding LeadCart account and preparing Plug&Paid to become primary e-commerce platform for Christ Summit. We will also be enabling Giggrove.



Annual Christ Summit Event Organizers Convention

Annual Convention for all event organizers who host events through Christ Summit. The goal is to continue to train and support the core as we continue to Proclaim the Gospel.


Annual Ministry|Business Meeting

As the ministry grows it is important that we annually evaluate the visions and mission of Christ Summit and the progress we are making.


Annual Events on the Various Niches

We want to have annual events developed and hosted by Christ Summit on the various niches:

  • Marriage & Family
  • Leadership
  • Men's Issues
  • Women's Issues
  • Youth Ministry
  • Finance
  • Evangelish & Outreach
  • Discipleship
  • etc.

Apple TV, Roku, Google Play

We are working on developing a phone app that will showcase the various events hosted in Christ Summit. We are also working on broadcasting events directly to AppleTV, Google Play, and Roku.


LIVE Classes

We are developing a platform that will host Live Classes. Classes will cover a broad range of topics related to our Mission. Courses will be taught by different instructors who specialize on that particular field.

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