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Howdy 👋

Welcome to our public roadmap! Here you can see what we're currently working on and have planned in the pipeline.

View the Releases tab to see what we've recently released, and have your say on what we work on next by voting for existing ideas or submitting new ideas from our Top ideas tab.

For any questions or support issues, please email us at

In progress


Jira Cloud integration

Publish new ideas and roadmap cards to Jira Cloud as either Epics or User Stories.

Features (2)
  • Publish ideas from Productstash to Jira
  • Publish Roadmap cards from Productstash to Jira
September 2020
Improve Workflow Tools

Product Updates Release Widget improvements

Provide greater flexibility around the content and placement of the release widget

Features (13)
  • Add custom launcher HTML element
  • Update placement of the default button (left / right)
  • Set a custom title for the release widget
  • Show / hide quick links
  • Show / hide roadmap cards on release cards
  • Show / hide features on release cards
  • Enable likes / dislikes
  • Ability to link through to specific release notes / open in new tab
  • Custom quick links
  • Custom absolute positioning for default button
  • Custom release categories
  • Pinned posts
  • Filter posts
Customer Requests
September 2020
Improve Workflow Tools

Idea management phase 2

General improvements and incremental features to the Ideas tab.

Features (5)
  • Create and manage idea tagging
  • Ideas submission iFrame form
  • Offer more options / frameworks for priority scoring
  • Filter Ideas by custom tags
  • Navigate directly to an Idea
Customer Requests
September 2020

Up next

Increase Engagement


Ability to comment on cards, releases and ideas.

Features (3)
  • Comment on roadmap cards
  • Comment on releases
  • Comment on ideas
Customer Requests
Enhance User Experience

Improved branding

Features (4)
  • Apply customer branding colours to the app (e.g. replace default Productstash blue)
  • Add additional styling & logos to release note emails
  • Ability to configure fonts
  • Rename concepts within Productstash
Improve Workflow Tools

Voting improvements

Making it easier for product managers to view which roadmap cards and ideas have been voted on recently.

Features (2)
  • View most recently voted ideas
  • View most recently voted roadmap cards
Improve Workflow Tools


Better filtering (including by custom tags) across:

  • Roadmaps
  • Releases
  • Features
Enhance User Experience


Ability to search for roadmap cards, features and ideas across all roadmaps.


Follow Roadmap cards and Ideas

Ability to follow Roadmap cards and Ideas, and receive notifications on their progress & updates.

Increase Engagement

Public dashboard

Ability for Pro users to create a shareable public dashboard that can be configured to show specific Roadmaps.

Features (2)
  • Public dashboard
  • Public dashboard configuration
Improve Workflow Tools

Features management

A new area for Features making it easier to add and manage features, as well as link to Roadmap cards and Releases.


Widen Ecosystem

Slack integration

Create cards and ideas directly from your Slack channels.

Features (4)
  • Create roadmap cards from a slack post
  • Create ideas from a slack post
  • Create release notes from a slack post
  • Publish release notes from Productstash to Slack
Increase Engagement

In-app notifications

New Enhancements

Roadmap enhancements

Features (2)
  • Filter roadmaps
  • Add custom tags to roadmap cards
Improve Workflow Tools

Release portfolio

The ability to aggregate releases across all your roadmaps to display a unified release canvas.

Increase Engagement

Dashboard enhancements

Building out a more customisable dashboard allowing PMs to control the look and feel of their dashboard.

Improve Workflow Tools

Feedback portal

Provide a way for product managers to collect feedback directly from their users within their product, which is synced to Productstash.


Jira integration v2

Features (2)
  • Sync releases between Jira and Productstash
  • Sync user stories from Jira to a Productstash release
Increase Engagement

Email notifications

New email notifications, ability to create ideas from email and daily digests.

Features (3)
  • Email notifications when someone votes on an idea or roadmap card
  • Email notification when your idea is updated
  • Daily round-up of activity (public votes, new ideas etc)

Public API

Expose our API allowing companies and developers to interact with Productstash directly.

Last updated 8 days ago
New feature
Sep 09, 2020

Reactions, custom quick links and direct links 🤩

Update Reactions 😣😐😀

You can now enable update reactions within your widget embed settings allowing your customers to provide feedback in emoji form! Logged in users of Productstash can then see the total number of reactions per card under their main Updates page.

Widget quick links are now entirely configurable. Head over to your widget embed settings to add in up to 5 quick links which then appear at the top of your widget.

Enable direct links within your widget embed settings to allow your customers to popout the update into a new tab, as well as scroll through your updates feed.

New feature
Sep 07, 2020

Customizable Update categories

It's now possible to add, edit and remove update categories! For a given category you can customize its label, background colour and text colour:

Head over to your Settings page to start!

New feature
Sep 02, 2020

New Release widget options

Today we've launched the following new options that can be configured for a given release widget:

  • Custom elements for launching the widget
  • Default placement of the bell icon (left/right)
  • Custom title / header for the widget
  • Show/hide roadmap cards & feature per release card
  • Show/hide quick links box (not individual links)
  • Improved close button styling

Head over to your Embed Settings page to view these new options.

New feature
Aug 28, 2020

Product logos

In addition to Organization logos, you can now add logos for each Product, and when configured these logos will appear on your public roadmaps 🎉

Simply head over to your Product details page and you'll find the new option to upload logos! If you want to display these on your public roadmap, don't forget to enable logos within your roadmap settings.

Aug 27, 2020

User Permissions

Admins can now restrict access to Products for a given user by heading over to the User management page 🎉

Aug 26, 2020

Mobile support fix

Fixed a regression issue affecting mobile responsiveness of Roadmaps. Things should be back to looking good on mobile & tablet!

Aug 17, 2020

Overview improvements

Today we've launched some improvements to the overview dashboard, allowing you to quickly identify:

  • The latest ideas submitted (internal & public)
  • Ideas most recently voted on
  • Roadmap cards most recently voted on

The overview dashboard is filtered per product and you can easily switch between products from the usual product switcher (located in the top right-hand corner).

New feature
Aug 14, 2020

Release widgets!

Release widgets have landed 🎉

Today we're excited to announce that our new release widgets feature is now live!

Embed product updates, releases and quick links to your public roadmap & idea submission directly within your own website or web application.

Check out the bell icon in the bottom right-hand corner to see our installation in action. Full release notes will be coming soon!

New feature
Aug 11, 2020

Release categories

Today we've launched the ability to categorise your release notes into the following buckets:

  • New feature
  • Improvement
  • Fix
  • Maintenance
  • Announcement
  • Coming soon

In future iterations, pro customers will be able to customise these options as well as add their own, in the same way they can already configure roadmap objectives & idea statuses.

Jul 04, 2020

Additional public roadmap configurations

Today we've launched some additional configuration options for your public roadmaps!

Tab configurations

All tabs can now be displayed or hidden from your public roadmap, meaning you can publish your roadmap to include all tabs, a couple of tabs, or just a single tab, in the case of wanting to only collect Ideas for example. This new option can be found under your edit roadmap settings modal.

Display ideas by default

You can now control whether or not ideas created from your internal or public roadmaps are displayed on your public roadmap by default. When enabled, all ideas will be displayed on your roadmap as soon as users add them, whilst when disabled, all ideas will require review (as previous). This new option can be found under your edit roadmap settings modal.

Public idea descriptions

When submitting public ideas, users are now able to add additional information to their ideas. This new option can be found under your edit roadmap settings modal.

Hide filters

The options for filtering the public ideas canvas can now be displayed or hidden. This new option can be found under your edit roadmap settings modal.

New feature
Apr 01, 2020

Redesigned user interface launched (Beta) 🎉


We're excited to annouce that our newly redesigned user interface has been beta launched and is available for all new and existing users to start using!

You can try out the new redesign by selecting the 'Try the new beta' button in the top right hand corner of the app.

Don't worry, all of your roadmaps, releases and ideas are available in both the new and old version (we're calling the older version 'classic') of the app. Creating content in the new version will also be available in the classic view, and vice versa.

What's new

The entire app has been restructured to enable clearer and easier management of roadmaps, releases and ideas. Each of these now have a separate part of the app.


Create, edit and delete products. Products are the key concept within Productstash. All roadmaps, releases and ideas are associated with a product. Productstash 'remembers' the last product you visit and/or select, and uses this as a 'default' product when navigating around the app.

What are default products? Default products are used to filter each page (roadmap, releases, ideas etc) by that particular product. From each of these pages you can quickly and easily switch between products using the 'Switch product' dropdown option located in the top left hand corner.


In addition to the existing edit/view modal, ideas now also have dedicated pages. These pages provide more space for you to manage and develop ideas, as well as enable features such as link sharing for specific ideas.

Overview page

Productstash now has a landing/homepage within the app. Right now this is a fairly simple page linking to key pages within the app, but in future this will be developed to enable key actions. Keep on eye on this!

What's next?

Over the coming weeks and months we will be collecting user feedback on this redesign in order to continue to improve the experience, as well as continue to build new existing features within the new experience.

Our 'classic' view will no longer be developed or extended, but we will continue to run both in parallel until further notice.

Jan 08, 2020

Redesigned options, markdown cards, fixes

  • Redesigned config options: The roadmap config options have been rolled into a single modal, allowing you view your internal & public roadmap configurations side-by-side.
  • Mark down cards: All cards now markdown functionality by default, allowing you to customise the content of each roadmap card, release, idea and feature.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Ideas filtering returning archived ideas
    • Deleting columns sometimes failed
New feature
Nov 28, 2019

November roundup 💫


For all you spreadsheet lovers out there, it's now possible to export your Roadmap, Features and Ideas from Productstash to a CSV file! From the 'More' options menu on each Roadmap, navigate to 'Export...' from where you can export:

  • Roadmap cards:
    • All
    • Current Roadmap (all Roadmap cards on your current roadmap)
  • All Features
  • Ideas
    • All
    • Current view (your filtered view of Ideas)


Tagging is here! Pro customers can now create custom tags and add tags to Roadmap cards, Features and Ideas. Internal roadmap and public roadmap settings each have a new setting that controls whether or not tags can be seen from the roadmap. The roadmap settings page also includes a new section for Tags from where you can manage all of your tags.

🔤Custom tab headings

Pro customers now have the ability to rename each Roadmap tab (by default these are 'Roadmap', 'Releases', 'Ideas') which applies to both the internal and external roadmap.

✅Completed Features (public roadmap)

The new 'Completed Features' section of the 'Releases' tab has now been rolled out to the public roadmap view. All visitors to your public roadmap will now be able to switch between recently completed Roadmap cards and Features.

New feature
Nov 04, 2019

Feature 🔥- Completed Features, Feature releases and drag 'n' drop options!


We've been busy building out improvements to Roadmap card Features and Releases. We've made some general improvements to how Features are managed and we have also extended Release cards to support completed Features.

Drag and drop Features

Features can now be re-ordered within a Roadmap card. Simply drag and drop them to update their ordering, simple!

Completed Features column

The 'Recently completed' column within the 'Completed' tab can now be switched to display completed Features rather than completed Roadmap cards. When Features are 100% complete, they will automatically flow through to this new column.

Add Features to Releases

Completed Features can now be added to specific Release cards. Simply drag and drop them from the 'Recently completed' column to a particular Release card and this will add that Feature to the Release.

New Release cards

Release cards have been slightly re-designed to accomodate released Features. You can now toggle between linked Roadmap cards and Features at the bottom of each Release card.

Move Features

Features can now easily be moved from one Roadmap card to another. When editing a Feature, simply switch the Roadmap card and hit save!

New feature
Oct 09, 2019

Onboarding & public roadmap customisation improvements

Add your logos 🤩

Put your organisation's stamp on your roadmaps. Head over to your oganisation settings page to upload your company logo and then choose to display it within your public roadmap settings!

Public roadmap card <> idea linking 🔗

Roadmaps and ideas that are linked to one another now appear on your public roadmaps. Load up a Roadmap card to view it's linked ideas, and vice versa.

Onboarding 🆕

We've made some changes to the onboarding flow that makes it a little easier new users to get started.

Bug fixes 🐛

  • Fix to the dashboard displaying an error that affected a number of users
  • Fixes to feature creation (defaults being applied incorrectly)
  • Fix to the public roadmap voting
Sep 24, 2019

Release improvements - customise and preview your emails

This week's update sees some improvements to our release management features, in particular the customisation of your release notes email.

For a given release card, click on 'Email release notes' to see a new modal with options for customising, viewing recipients, seeing the release history as well as being able to send yourself a test email.

All releases must have a status of "Released" before you can send out your notes.

Customise your emails

It's now possible to control more of the look and feel as well as the contents of release emails, in particular:

  • From label: You can now set who the email has been sent from (label only)
  • Subject line: Pretty obvious! Defaults to the title of the release
  • Title: This is the title visible within the email itself
  • Intro: An optional snippet of text that can be added before the release notes
  • Footer: An optional snippet of text that can be added after the release notes (e.g. custom signatures etc)
  • Completed roadmap cards: If the release contains linked roadmap cards, you can choose whether or not to include these within the email

View recipients

You are now able to view a full list of users who are currently following your roadmap, and will therefore receive your release notes emails.

View history

You can now view actions that have been taken on the release.

Generate email preview

Once you're done configuring your release email, you can preview the email before sending it all users.

Send test emails

If you're wanting to take the preview one step further, you can send out a test email to yourself and you'll receive a test version of the release notes.

New feature
Sep 09, 2019

Quick-add ideas, detailed idea list view, voting enhancements and more

As we continue to improve the Ideas canvas within each roadmap, we've recently added the following new features:

➕Quick add

You can now easily add ideas from anywhere within the app. There is now a new 'quick add idea' button in the main navigation.

🔍Detailed vs. summary view

You can now choose whether to display your backlog of ideas as a summary or detailed list.

You can now link ideas directly to cards on your roadmap. All roadmap cards now also feature an 'Ideas' tab, which will show linked ideas.

🎛️New filter options

We've extended the ideas filter to include the following:

  • Attachments
  • Priority scores
  • My votes
  • Roadmap card

↕️Drag & drop improvements

We've made some Improvements to how the idea drag & drop sorting works, meaning it should now be even speedier when re-ordering your backlog!



Our voting buttons have had a little bit of a makeover making them more intuitive to read and easier to select, especially when on mobile or tablet devices.

🙋View voters

When viewing more details for a given roadmap card or idea, there is a new tab called 'Votes' which lists all users who have voted. Public votes are also collected and totalled up here.


🌎Public roadmap card voting

With the voting redesign, we've extended the voting to all public roadmaps. There is a new roadmap configuration which controls whether or not public voting is active on your roadmap cards.


Images and attachments can now be added to all release cards, in the same way they can be added to roadmap cards and ideas.


  • Fix to the priority score not always showing
  • Fix to the 'last updated' date on roadmap
  • Fix to the 'planned for' date showing when completed
New feature
Sep 03, 2019

Public idea filtering & additional filter options

Public idea filtering

The new idea filtering feature we launched last week is now available on your public roadmaps!

Additional filter options

We've added in a couple of new idea filter options:

  • Quick search - free text search on idea title and status
  • My ideas - filter between all ideas or just the ideas submitted by yourself

Bug fixes

  • Public idea card displaying additional buttons view when voting
  • Feature count bug when creating new features
New feature
Aug 27, 2019

Enhanced ideas management💡✨🙌

Ideas - what's new

Our latest major release sees some substantial updates to the Ideas canvas as part of each roadmap. We've been busy building out some of the much requested features to help you better-manage ideas.

↕️Drag and drop prioritization

Drag and drop ideas to help you visually sort and priortize your ideas backlog.

🏷️Custom statuses

Head over to the new roadmap settings page (Menu -> Roadmap settings) to add in your own idea statuses and colours. We've already given the existing roadmap objectives a little bit of a make over.

⚖️Value and effort

All ideas can now be assigned a value and effort score based on a simple XS -> XL scale.

✅❌Priority scoring

Assigning effort and value will generate a priority scoring for each idea, highlighting quick win ideas and time sink ideas to avoid. You can choose whether or not to dispaly priority scores from your roadmap settings.

🎛️Filtering and sorting

We've implemented new filtering options allowing you to filter ideas based on:

  • Status
  • Public visibility
  • Quick wins
  • Votes
  • Description
🔎View more details

The 'More details' modal can now be accessed on all public ideas.

As part of a fast follow feature we'll also soon be releasing the ability to link roadmap cards and ideas together, as well as being able to filter ideas by this status.

New feature
Aug 12, 2019

Images and attachments 🤩🎨🖇️

They say a picture is worth a thousand why not start beautifying your roadmaps today with images and attachments!

🖇️Roadmap cards and ideas

Upload images and attachments to roadmap cards and ideas to share designs, wireframes and key documents with your stakeholders.

🖼️Header images

Add a bit of spice to your roadmaps and visually communicate your product vision by enabling header images on your roadmap cards!

⚙️Roadmap settings

Want to hide sensitive attachments on your public roadmaps? No problem! Control the visibility of your attachments and header images on both your internal and public roadmaps.

Aug 01, 2019

General Hygiene 🧼🧽✨

Platform improvements ⚙️

  • Some 'under the hood' improvements to keep the app nice and fast

New stuff 🌟

  • It's now possible to hide the 'submit idea' form from the public roadmap
  • User management improvements - it's now easier to manage other user permissions and also marking them as archived
  • Tweaks to how the features appear on a given roadmap card
  • From your user profile, you can now choose to show / hide the 'Recent activity' dashboard widget


  • Fixed feature progress display on certain public roadmaps
  • Fixed idea titles and descriptions that included ampersands
  • Fixed an issue affecting certain users accepting invites
New feature
Jul 29, 2019

New roadmap config options & general improvements

Roadmap config

We've added a number of additional roadmap (and public roadmap) options giving you more flexibility over the look and feel of your roadmaps.

  • Show / hide feature progress bars
  • Show / hide completed tab and idea tab
  • Show / hide the completed cards column on the completed tab
  • Show / hide card objectives
  • Ability to remove columns more than 1 roadmap column


  • When roadmap descriptions are enabled, they can be easily expanded/collapsed
  • Your preference when toggling the roadmap summary and card features is now saved (internal / public roadmaps)
  • 'Planned' releases are now included on the public Completed tab (when the release is marked as public)
  • Parts of the application have had a lick of paint!

Bugs squashed!

  • Small bug affecting the feature progress bars causing them to occasionally not render correctly
  • Feature creation fix from public roadmap
New feature
Jun 27, 2019

Account management improvements & activity streams


As part of this release we've made some small improvements to the account management section of the app. Pro users can now view and download their subscription invoices directly from the app.


We've also made some improvements to the way the password reset and forgotten password journeys operate.


Our dashboard has had a little bit of a make-over which includes a simple 'Recent activity' log of who's being doing what! In time this feature will grow and will continue to be expanded.

New feature
Jun 04, 2019

Features, emails, UX improvements and more!


Add features to each roadmap card and choose whether or not to display these on your roadmap. When enabled, each card will have a summary of the related features, as well as an indication of their overall progress for ultimate clarity.

Release dates

You can now assign estimated release dates to each roadmap card and configure whether or not these are displayed within your roadmap config.

Email preferences

It's now easier to subscribe or unsubscribe to specific email notifications directly from your profile page. Choose to update your preferences for:

  • Marketing emails
  • Product update emails
  • Individual roadmap emails (new ideas and new releases)

UX enhancements

We've made some changes to the UX of the Releases tab. Where you have lots of completed cards, it is now much easier to drag and drop them onto particular releases. We've also made some improvements to how the markup functionality was behaving within release notes.

May 16, 2019

Roadmap config and public settings improvements

Roadmap config

The roadmap configuration options were getting a little overwhemling, so we've split these into general config settings and public settings.

Public settings

We've made some small improvements making it easier to share and embed your public roadmap onto your own websites - access the public settings and then select the 'Share' tab to learn more.

May 03, 2019

Minor release: general improvements

General update (boring)

We've been working on some (boring, yet necessary) improvements behind the scenes that will help us support future features.


We've also released the following small improvements:

  • Dashboard tweak (idea count on cards)
  • Roadmap cards now have a 'Description' indicator
  • Added public 'Details' button for a given roadmap card (mirroring 'read only' accounts)
  • Enabled iFrame support for public roadmaps
  • Tweak to the 'Add new' objective option
New feature
Apr 18, 2019

The Easter Bunny has arrived!

Markdown editing

We're excited to annouce that our much anticipated markdown editing functionality has now been released! You're now able to format the following using markdown:

  • Roadmap description
  • Public roadmap description
  • Roadmap card details
  • Release descriptions

When editing any of the above, you'll notice that each text area now has a toolbar from which you can format the text.

We've also made some improvements behind the scenes to ensure the app remains quick and responsive!

Happy Easter!

New feature
Apr 03, 2019

Roadmap on the go!

We've made some improvements to our drag-and-drop functionality meaning you can now drag-and-drop roadmap cards and releases directly from your mobile or tablet!

Mar 26, 2019

Public roadmap enhancements

We've made some improvements to our public roadmap functionality meaning you can now submit public ideas, set roadmap cards to be hidden from public view (in the same way ideas can be), as well as some general improvements to the way in which guests can submit new ideas. Enjoy!

New feature
Mar 18, 2019

Product releases are here! 🤩🎉

We are pleased to announce that you can now view completed cards and create product releases directly from your roadmaps! When viewing a roadmap, simply click on the 'Completed' tab to view your recently completed items as well as upcoming, scheduled or published releases.

You can also configure whether or not to display releases on your public roadmap (like we have here!). Simply set this option within your roadmap configuration and once visible, all public users will be able to switch between the 'Current' and 'Completed' tabs.

Add Idea
On roadmap
Roadmap card tags and labels

Ability to define custom tags and use these to tag roadmap cards. You could then filter the roadmap based on paritcular tags, statuses etc.

Implement an overarching feature for custom tags, which can be used to tag roadmap cards, releases & ideas.

Last updated 20 days ago
On roadmap
Feedback portal

A space within Productstash to capture customer feedback and link it to ideas and/or roadmap cards.

Last updated 2 months ago
On roadmap
Customer branding

Extend the branding options to:

  • App header
  • Navigation logo
  • Email templates (in particular 'Release note' emails)
  • Email "sender" label
Last updated a year ago
On roadmap
Cname for public roadmap
Last updated 16 days ago
On roadmap
Set branding colours

Ability to override the default Productstash blue and set this to your own preferred colour. This would change the default colours of:

  • Navbar
  • Modals
  • Buttons
  • etc
Last updated 16 days ago
Intercom app

Add a Productstash app to Intercom, allowing customers to view roadmaps and add ideas, directly from Intercom.

Last updated a month ago
Ability to add a single roadmap card to multiple releases

Where a single roadmap card spans multiple releases, it would be useful to be able to add the roadmap card to each release. Currently this can only be done on the final release, once the card is completed.

Last updated a year ago
On roadmap
Public Dashboard

I would like to use multiple roadmaps for different products and share a link to all of them in a format similar to the dashboard. Currently I am using objectives to identify products on a single roadmap. Also having a multi roadmap Completed view would be good. This would also encourage paid subscriptions.

Last updated a year ago
Make the whole card clickable instead of the details button.

Would be nice if the whole card was clickable to expand instead of looking for the details button on the far right of the card.

Last updated 24 days ago
Feature pages

Provide a separate space to manage features. Currently, features are created & edited within each roadmap card. It would be useful to have an option where each feature had it's own page/modal.

Last updated a year ago
On roadmap
Search for roadmap cards, releases, ideas (active & archived)

Provide a global search function across:

  • Roadmap cards
  • Releases
  • Features
  • Ideas

To include active & archived content.

Last updated a year ago
New idea
Dashboard config

Ability to customise your dashboard and toggle on/off widgets such as

  • Latest roadmap cards
  • Latest ideas
  • Upcoming releases
  • Most voted for ideas
  • etc
Last updated 10 months ago
On roadmap
Individual URLs/pages for releases

Ability to provide a link and/or browse to a specific release.

Last updated 16 days ago
Dark Mode

Site needs a dark mode, mode.

Last updated 2 months ago
Ability to define OKRs for a given Roadmap card or feature
Last updated a month ago
Kanban board for features - visualise feature backlog and progress
Last updated a month ago
New idea
Option to convert an idea into a roadmap card
Last updated a year ago
Internal notes on cards

A big wish is to have a hidden area thats not are public. Then we can add som comments, links to API docs etc. and have all about a task / card collect in one place

Last updated 2 months ago
On roadmap
Ability to add completed ideas to release cards

In the same way you can add completed roadmap cards to releases, extend this to also include completed ideas.

Last updated 10 months ago
New idea

Allow incoming and outgoing webhooks to add content from other applications through an API and create automation when new content is added.

Last updated 12 days ago
On roadmap
Ability to force user to enter email address when voting on a public roadmap

Log email address of voter to enable notification when implemented, request further information and help stop multiple votes

Last updated 11 days ago
New idea
User/URL Segmentation

Ability to segment the audience the widget displays to via a filter parameter. This is a very powerful feature and would allow a Product admin to display certain content to certain users without the need for multiple Product boards.

Beamer does this pretty well. Here are some reference links for how they handle Segmentation:

Last updated 16 days ago
New idea
Slack notification when release notes are published

Add slack notifications into a specific channel when release notes are published

Last updated a year ago
Ability to define a product vision canvas / board
Last updated a year ago
Ability to create personas (define personas, link to features)
Last updated a year ago
New idea
Multi Language

For global companies (ex:startups/digital product owners/hotels etc.) has global clients. Ofcourse English worldwide language but if there is a multilanguage section users can choose their own language and can understand menu and some other system words. There is not a lot of words and it doesnt make so much effort for that translations. (Roadmap, Releases, Top Ideas, Features, summary, show, hide, Name,Email,Idea,More Details, Submit Idea, Cancel,Details, Last Updated xx days ago, Last Updated xx weeks ago, Last Updated xx months ago, and other date informations, maybe some couple of words more and thats it.)

Even backend doesnt need any translation. Just for clients frontend translation will be very well enough. Briing that feature for you and for us.

Thanks, Best Regards. Ongun.

Last updated 15 days ago
New idea
ClickUp integration


Last updated 7 days ago
Add multiple objectives to a roadmap card (primary, secondary etc)

Ability to tag a single roadmap card to multiple objectives/themes.

Last updated a year ago
On roadmap
Ability to change font
Last updated 16 days ago
New idea
Allow Comments on Ideas

Allow people to comment on an idea - this will allow an idea to have use cases added to them and give the developer a better idea of why people want something, rather than just how many people want a feature.

Last updated 12 days ago
New idea
Move releases or roadmap items to another product.

Hi, I noticed that it's easy to be in the wrong product. I've posted realeses on the wrong product at times, would be nice to be able to move a release or a roadmap item to a different product as needed.

Last updated 16 days ago
New idea
Ability to translate or add another language
Last updated 16 days ago
New idea
Timeline view

Would be nice to have a timeline view for updates or for roadmap.

Last updated 9 days ago
Manage roadmap stakeholders - add in email addresses to send release notes to
Last updated a year ago
New idea
Add tracking to roadmaps in order to track visits
Last updated a year ago
Filter and search releases notes

Ability to filter and search within the releases tab, similar to Ideas.

Last updated a year ago
New idea
Add integration with

Talk with the guys at about partnering to allow your content to appear in their awesome help widget.

Last updated 12 days ago
New idea
Public Webhooks and/or Zapier Integration

The ability to either interact with Productstash based on webhooks or a Zapier integration would allow product owners/managers who don't use JIRA (there are a lot of us!) to use Zapier to build custom interactions with other product management tools etc. One key example is the ability to create a feature etc. in an external system and push this across to Productstash. Another key use case would be the ability to update the contents of a roadmap item to another system using Zapier. We would love to connect this to GitHub and simplify the process of turning ideas into development tickets!

Last updated 13 days ago
New idea
Translate updates/posts into multiple languages

So that we can publish updates in different languages

Last updated 9 days ago
On roadmap
Manage release note email recipients list

Better surface and manage the recipients list.

Last updated a year ago
New idea
Create ideas from email

Create ideas by sending emails to a unique email address

Last updated a year ago
On roadmap
Ability to rename Products, Roadmaps, Updates, Ideas

Allow users to rename Products, Roadmaps, Updates, Ideas into something more applicable for their clients or industries.

Last updated 11 days ago
New idea
Bug reports

It would be great if this also allowed users to submit bugs,

Last updated 12 days ago
New idea
Collect ideas via widget

Ability for users to add ideas directly within the widget

Last updated 11 days ago
On roadmap
Rename Products, Roadmaps, Updates, Ideas

Ability to rename Products, Roadmaps, Updates, Ideas to things that make more sense for a customer / clients

Last updated 11 days ago
New idea
Ability to quickly delete public ideas

Incase of spam or just lots of duplicates.

Last updated 12 days ago
New idea
Import roadmaps, ideas and releases

When migrating from a different tool, it would be useful to be able to import content

Last updated a month ago
New idea
Add submitter as an upvote when creating an idea

Automatically add the person who adds an idea as an upvoter, otherwise, the idea has 0 upvotes, which doesn't clearly reflect the number of people liking that idea.

Last updated 12 days ago
On roadmap
More widget options

The ability to alter the colour of the widget button and header.

The ability to use a class (not ID) to invoke the widget.

The ability to toggle the widgets button on mobile and/or desktop - one, other or both.

Last updated 11 days ago
New idea
Enable direct URL links for public ideas

So that you can navigate directly to / share ideas

Last updated 11 days ago
New idea
Add custom left hand side menu icon and logo

Show custom icon when the menu is collapsed, and show full custom logo when the menu is expanded

Last updated 11 days ago
New idea
Copy cards/ideas from one product to another
Last updated 9 days ago
New idea
Add priority & effort scoring to features as wel

In the same way you can add priority & effort to ideas, add it to features too

Last updated 9 days ago
New idea
Option "Display CARDS as public by default"

To have an option "Display CARDS as public by default" in Settings in order to switch it off (similarly as you did it for ideas)? Problem: when I add a card to the roadmap it becomes automatically visible by default on the public roadmap. And every time I need to go into the card and turn Public Visibility to "Hidden"

Last updated 8 days ago
New idea
Possibility to hide "Effort" and "Impact" scores for features on the Public Roadmap

Now I can see "Effort" and "Impact" scores for features on the Public Roadmap (Updates -> Recently completed - Features). And I can't switch it off. Would be great to have a toggle "Priority scores" for features in settings (as it's done for ideas) to controls whether or not priority scores can be seen against each feature.

Last updated 8 days ago
New idea
Global Filtered search

Ability to search with any keywords from all places or with filters, Roadmap, Updates, Top Ideas.

Last updated 7 days ago
New idea
Ability to upload screenshots, videos, mockups etc
Last updated 7 days ago
New idea
Wordpress plugin
Last updated 7 days ago
New idea
Direct Links

Often when sharing ideas with others or trying to garner support it is helpful to be able to link directly the the idea itself.

Last updated 6 days ago
New idea
Custom Fields

Sometimes in addition to tagging there is information that needs to be able to be communicated in more standard ways. The ability to create custom fields would help increase the information availability and potentially open up the possibility of custom searches in the future.

Last updated 6 days ago
New idea
Quick Access Feature on Card

When a card have feature list on it. User can't quick view the more content detail.

Only one way to access in now is: Click Detail button on Top right card => Switch to tab "Feature"

Demo capture:

I think good UI/UX is this case:

  • Hove mouse on feature name => it show content detail of feature.
  • User click on feature name => the oupup show content detail of feature .
Last updated 5 days ago
New idea
New layout for Products page

Now, in web version, the product card show Horizontal View (List view) . So, it look so simple and take a lot of space of workspace products.

I suggest good UI/UX in this case:

  • Change layout product from Horizontal View (List view) to Thumb card View. Or make 2 selection for user choice (List view or Thumb view)

  • Demo of thumb view:

Last updated 5 days ago
New idea
Remove limited number slot when create Roadmap objectives, Categories & Idea labels

In now, Productstack limited number slots when create Roadmap objectives (15 slots) , Categories (10 slots), Idea labels (15 slot)

But I don't understand the reason in here because i think Pro Plan (Highest plan), everything is unlimited, and (roadmap objectives + categories + Idea labels) only the text, it not increase resouce of server of system in this case.

It should be unlimited as many as user want.

Last updated 5 days ago
New idea
Embed Tracking Code on Public Roadmap

Now, in roadmap user can only vote card or future will have feature comment.

But i think the roadmap can bring more value to admin user by the way embed tracking code.

User case:

  • Embed Google Analytic code => Tracking View/Section/Country...
  • Emebed Heatmap app tracking code => Tracking position with high views, high clicks. You can see, if roadmap page don't have user vote, you don't know the reason instead you share public roadmap to many people or groups. You need the reason and idea bring heatmap code help to resolve it.
Last updated 5 days ago
New idea
Allow public users to edit Ideas they previously suggested

Currently you can't edit or add data to idea you've suggested. Would be great to have ability to edit typos, wrong URL's, misinformation etc.

Last updated 5 days ago
Email release notes through Mailchimp

A lot of users sent newsletter through Mailchimp, a integration will make it much easier to send to newsletter subscribed

Last updated 2 months ago
New idea
Automatic Pop-up App Rating reminder
Last updated 12 days ago
Trello integration

Ability to publish Roadmap cards and Ideas to Trello

Last updated a month ago
New idea
Open Roadmap page/embed on selected tab

It would be nice to have the ability to open the page open on a tab other than roadmap. The ideas tab would be one example. This could be achieved with a. URL parameter.

Last updated 7 days ago
New idea
"Add Idea" button to sidebar or topbar

Quickest way to suggest ideas to improve Productstash itself would be that the UI would have "Add Idea" button which leads stragiht here.

Here's quick mockups:

Last updated 7 days ago
New idea
"Add new Product" button in the dropdown

I was confused how to add a new roadmap. This would avoid any confusion in the future.

Last updated 7 days ago
New idea
Userback integration


Last updated 7 days ago
New idea
Auto expand the "Description" field
Last updated 7 days ago
New idea
Frozen header + negative space for Filters
Last updated 7 days ago
New idea
YouTube Embed

Ability to embed video in the updates section

Last updated 7 days ago
New idea

Automatic saving when making changes to any part in the UI, writing, uploading images etc.

Last updated 5 days ago
New idea
Different Objectives, Categories, and Labels for each Project.

Currently, when I add a new custom objective, category, or label type in settings, it is available from within all projects. This creates some bloat where objective types are visible in projects where they don't make sense. Could these be scoped project by project? Or certain objectives, categories, and labels enabled/disabled within a project?

Last updated 4 days ago