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Recent updates from the Productstash team
New feature
Jun 15, 2021

New white-labelling options 🤩

App Font Color

In addition to already being able to set a default app color, you can now set a default app font color allowing further customisation.

Social Share Images

It's now possible to set social sharing images, so that when you share your roadmap or updates feed on social websites a default image of your choice is displayed in the meta card that is generated! This image can be set per Workspace, and you can find this option from our newly designed settings page, under the workspace tab.

Favicons per Workspace

Continuing with the improved workspace customisation, you can now set a Favicon per Workspace. Previously this was only possible per account.

Custom Terms & Privacy links

You can now set the URLs for the terms & privacy links that appear on your public roadmaps and updates.

New feature
Jun 09, 2021

Convert Feedback

This week we've launched some incremental improvements to Feedback:

  • Push to Roadmap: Feedback can now be pushed to the Roadmap in the same way that you could already do for Ideas
  • Convert to Idea: Sometimes receiving feedback sparks an idea, so you can now convert feedback into an idea

For each option there is the ability to notify your audience about the changes via email notifications.

Jun 07, 2021

Consistency, Usability & Mobile Improvements

Today we've rolled out the following improvements across our public pages (roadmaps, updates, ideas, feedbacks, widgets & iFrames):

  • General UX enhancements
  • Mobile usability improvements
  • Partial redesigns to make the experience more consistent

May 21, 2021

Widget auto-init & new workflow options


Today we've rolled out a small update allowing you to prevent your widget from initializating by default. You can now control when to initialize the widget by setting the value of auto_init to false in your code snippet and subsequently calling Productstash.init(). Read more here.

Note: ensure you upgrade to the latest code snippet found under your embed settings.

Default Approvals

Another small update we've launched is the ability to auto approve public comments and feedback. Both options can be set under your public roadmap settings.

New feature
May 12, 2021

Feedback boards

Today we're excited to launch our new Feedback Boards feature! 🎉 It's now possible to create multiple Feedback Boards and add these to your Public Roadmap to start collecting feedback from your customers.

Feedback works in a very similar way to Ideas, as each Feedback can be:

  1. Voted on
  2. Followed
  3. Commented on

Public Boards

Each Feedback Board can be set to public or private. When set to public, the board will appear on your Public Roadmap under a new "Feedback" tab:

To support this, we have introduced a new "Feedback" tab configuration within the main Public Roadmap settings, which can be switched on / off, as well as renamed:

New Categories

As with Ideas and Updates, there is a new set of Feedback Categories that can be configured from your settings page.

New alert options

With this update we've also introduced new alert options allowing you to receive email notifications when new Feedback is received. You can configure this from your profile page.

May 10, 2021

New Widget Customizations 🔥


It's now possible further customize your widget by configuring the notification background color and font color. With this update, you can now:

  1. Add a custom logo
  2. Set the default color of the launcher icon
  3. Set the default color of the notification icon
  4. Set the default font color

Note: In order for these options to display, you may need to clear your website's cache, or grab the latest widget snippet from your embed settings.

New widget options

We've also added the following new options to the widget settings:

  1. Show/hide filters
  2. Show/hide translation option

Coming this week

Feedback boards! This week we'll be releasing our much anticipated Feedback boards feature. Our existing Feedback feature will be broken down into:

  1. Feedback responses - this is feedback you receive on your posts, either via your widget or your standalone page
  2. Feedback boards - this will provide you the ability to create & add feedback boards to your roadmap as a new tab

Stay tuned!

New feature
Apr 26, 2021

⚙️ Public API

Today we're excited to launch the first version of our public API! 🎉

This initial version provides the following functionality:

  1. Get Workspace settings
  2. Get, create, update & delete Ideas
  3. Get, create, update & delete Updates

To get started, check out the following useful resources:

🔜 Coming soon

Be sure to subscribe to our updates feed to stay informed about our upcoming releases:

  • Feedback Boards (May)
  • Translations (May/June)
  • Webhooks & API Improvements (June)
Mar 26, 2021

Custom Domains Improvement

Today we've rolled out a small improvement to the existing custom domains feature. You are now able to specify a default Workspace and a default page that should be loaded when accessing your root custom domain (rather than getting the Login page as default):

Default Pages can be set to either:

  1. Public Roadmap
  2. Updates Feed

To setup this new feature, head over to your Account settings.

If you have multiple Workspaces/Roadmaps/Updates, these can all still be accessed via your custom domain.

New feature
Mar 23, 2021

Feedback Dashboard, Sentiment Analysis & More 📊🚦💬

📊 Feedback Dashboard 

Today we've launched our new Feedback feature, starting with a Feedback Dashboard that displays feedback received via your Widget or Standalone Updates page(s)! From the main left hand side menu, you can now access 'Feedback':

This first phase of the Feedback Dashboard includes:

  1. Summary analytics - at a glance understand the impact that your updates/announcements are making
  2. Feedback responses - a feed of all feedback responses you've received
  3. Filtering - filter by day, week, month or year

Each Workspace has its own Feedback Dashboard.

🚦Sentiment Analysis

When customers submit feedback, sentiment analysis is automatically performed to generate a score, resulting in one of the following based on the feedback received:

  1. Positive
  2. Neutral
  3. Mixed
  4. Negative

💬 Respond to Feedback 

It's now possible to respond to feedback directly from the app. Simply click on a row from the feedback responses table to display more details and from here you can respond to your customer:

Once responded, a record of this reply will be displayed within the more details sidebar.

🔜 Coming Soon - Feedback Boards

We're close to launching the next iteration of Feedback - 'Feedback Boards'. This feature will allow you to create individual boards for specific Feedback that you're wanting to collect; such as Bugs, UX Improvements, etc. These boards can be private or public, with the option of adding them to your Public Roadmap as a new tab, as well as being accessed directly.

Stay tuned!

Mar 23, 2021

Public Activity Feed

Today we've launched a small update to the public activity feed. It's now possible for you to view all public activity, not just a summary of recent events, as well as filter your activity by type, feedback sentiment and reaction emoji type.

From your homepage activity feed, you can now click 'View all' which takes you to this new Activity page.