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Recent updates from the Productstash team
Mar 26, 2021

Custom Domains Improvement

Today we've rolled out a small improvement to the existing custom domains feature. You are now able to specify a default Workspace and a default page that should be loaded when accessing your root custom domain (rather than getting the Login page as default):

Default Pages can be set to either:

  1. Public Roadmap
  2. Updates Feed

To setup this new feature, head over to your Account settings.

If you have multiple Workspaces/Roadmaps/Updates, these can all still be accessed via your custom domain.

New feature
Mar 23, 2021

Feedback Dashboard, Sentiment Analysis & More 📊🚦💬

📊 Feedback Dashboard 

Today we've launched our new Feedback feature, starting with a Feedback Dashboard that displays feedback received via your Widget or Standalone Updates page(s)! From the main left hand side menu, you can now access 'Feedback':

This first phase of the Feedback Dashboard includes:

  1. Summary analytics - at a glance understand the impact that your updates/announcements are making
  2. Feedback responses - a feed of all feedback responses you've received
  3. Filtering - filter by day, week, month or year

Each Workspace has its own Feedback Dashboard.

🚦Sentiment Analysis

When customers submit feedback, sentiment analysis is automatically performed to generate a score, resulting in one of the following based on the feedback received:

  1. Positive
  2. Neutral
  3. Mixed
  4. Negative

💬 Respond to Feedback 

It's now possible to respond to feedback directly from the app. Simply click on a row from the feedback responses table to display more details and from here you can respond to your customer:

Once responded, a record of this reply will be displayed within the more details sidebar.

🔜 Coming Soon - Feedback Boards

We're close to launching the next iteration of Feedback - 'Feedback Boards'. This feature will allow you to create individual boards for specific Feedback that you're wanting to collect; such as Bugs, UX Improvements, etc. These boards can be private or public, with the option of adding them to your Public Roadmap as a new tab, as well as being accessed directly.

Stay tuned!

Mar 23, 2021

Public Activity Feed

Today we've launched a small update to the public activity feed. It's now possible for you to view all public activity, not just a summary of recent events, as well as filter your activity by type, feedback sentiment and reaction emoji type.

From your homepage activity feed, you can now click 'View all' which takes you to this new Activity page.

Community Request
Mar 19, 2021

Translators Wanted!

Hi everyone!

With translations being our most requested feature, we are aiming to launch some initial localisation in the next few months, with a gradual rollout of the languages below.

As such, we would love our translations to be as "human" as possible, ideally coming from customers who already use the app and are familiar with it. If you would like to contribute by reviewing or helping to translate of any of the languages below, please reply to this post, or jump onto our Intercom app.

  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Danish
  • Turkish

If you would like to see additional languages translated, don't forget to request these, either replying to this post or dropping a comment on the main idea here.


Mar 19, 2021

Hex Color Codes 🟩 🟪 🟥 🟦 🟧

Today we've rolled out a small (but highly requested!) improvement allowing you to set all roadmap objectives, categories and statuses using hex color codes, as well as the existing color picker.

We've also removed the limit of 15 for objectives and categories.

New feature
Mar 15, 2021

User Segmentation 🔀📨

User Segmentation

User segmentation has arrived! It's now possible to segment your users and send them targeted updates or announcements through our Widget.

When a segment option is present on an Update post, only users that match this segment will be able to see this post. If multiple segment options have been added, users will see the post if they match any of the options. If no segment options are added, then the post is treated as public, and all users will be able to see it.

For more information on how this feature works, please see here.

Segmentation Options

The main App settings page has a new tab where you can configure your segmentation options. Each segmentation paid requires a "key" and a "value":

Identify Widget Users

It's now possible to extend our JavaScript snippet embed code to include segment options, as well as the name and email address of your customers. For more information on how to configure user settings within the Widget options, please see here.

⚠️ Update Required

In order to implement the user segmentation and user identification features, you will need to ensure you install the updated JavaScript snippet found under your Embed settings page.

New feature
Mar 12, 2021

Public Roadmap: Search & Completed Cards


All public roadmaps now have a search feature:

The search functionality will match the input text against the following attributes:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Objective
  • Tags

Completed Cards

In the same way that you can view completed cards from your internal roadmap, you can now view completed public cards from your public roadmap.

There is a new configuration option that controls whether or not the 'Completed cards' button appears on your public view:

New feature
Mar 10, 2021

Public Roadmap Customization & Improvements

💅 Redesign

Our public Roadmaps have had a makeover that sees us implement a number of customer requests as well as new customisation options. Each of the Roadmap, Ideas & Updates tabs have had a slight redesign. 

🎨 New Roadmap Customizations

In a similar way to setting Widget-specific colors, you can now set Roadmap-specific colors, specifically the roadmap header background and font colors, which also apply to tabs and buttons:

The above colors will render a public Roadmap that looks something like:

These new options can be set from your Public Roadmap Embed settings page.

⚙️ Performance Improvements

As well as a redesign, we've made some changes behind the scenes aimed at improving the performance of all public roadmaps. This is still a work in progress, but you should already notice some performance improvements.

🔙 Legacy Roadmap view

By default, your existing public roadmap URLs will now render this new view, however, the older view can still be loaded by including "v1" in the URL, for instance, taking our roadmap as an example:

New feature
Feb 24, 2021

Convert Cards to Updates & Roadmap Filtering

Convert Cards to Updates

It's now possible to directly convert Roadmap Cards to Update posts once completed.

When converting a completed Roadmap Card to an Update, the Update will be created in "draft" status, and by default the following will have copied over from the Roadmap Card:

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Linked Ideas
  4. Linked Features
  5. Linked Roadmap cards

Roadmap Filtering

We've also launched the ability to filter your Roadmap by the following attributes:

  1. Objective
  2. Tags
  3. Public status
  4. Votes
  5. Description
  6. Attachments
  9. Ideas

Filtering by Tags has also been added to the existing filter options for Ideas. 

New feature
Feb 16, 2021

Merge Ideas

It's now possible to merge Ideas with one another incases of duplicates or very similar Ideas being received.

When merging, you will get the following options:

  • Select the Idea you wish to merge the current Idea into
  • Merge description
  • Merge tags
  • Merge votes
  • Merge followers

Once an Idea has been merged, it will be archived and it will have a link established to the main Idea. At the top of the merged Idea, you will see:

The main Idea page also now has a new section to display which Idea(s) have been merged into it:

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