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Updated Flow Builder

We are working on a new flow builder to improve the usability and functionality of Parsey.

In progress


Parsey 2.0 - New UI/UX!

This is our biggest update to date for Parsey! We have been working hard on creating a brand new user interface and experience. We've completely rebuilt the interface from the ground up.

All functionality will stay the same (more on that later) so no need to worry about something not working in the new Parsey.

Last updated a month ago
Jan 29, 2021

New email parser {{stop}} advanced shortcode 

We've added a new shortcode to help with those tricky email extractions. To learn more about how to use the {{stop}} shortcode checkout our advanced extractions help documentation.

New Feature
Dec 09, 2020

Duplicate Check Based On Any Infusionsoft Field 💻

Have you ever need to check if a contact already exists based on a custom field inside of Infusionsoft? If so this update is for you! You can now duplicate check based on any custom field in Infusionsoft.

Sep 25, 2020

NEW PLATFORM: Addressable

We are excited to announce a new Platform Integration with Addressable. Now you can automate the sending of hand-written letters based on actions your clients or customers take. You can learn more about our integration with Addressable on their blog post.

Apr 08, 2020

Improved Email Inbox Navigation ✉️

Use the back and forward buttons on your email events to easily page through emails that have been received and processed by Parsey.

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