New feature
Dec 13, 2020

Siphon - Grab Content & Make It Yours

Siphon Feature debuts for Enterprise members. This feature allows users to grab fresh version of content from urls or pasted text. The Siphon Tool is an exclusive for Mass Page Tools. It finds the key information from any text and rewrites the sentences for near 100% unique content.

New feature
Nov 29, 2020

White Label - Add Your Logo to Client Form

You can now add your own logo to the client form.

Nov 29, 2020

Added Headline and Images for Each Description Body Area

We've Added Headline and Images for Each Description Body Area for better template implementation.

New feature
Nov 29, 2020

Auto Testimonials (Add Placeholder Testimonials)

The for now has a toggle to add Placeholder Testimonials to your output. This way you can hit the ground running with testimonials about your website quickly. These you can update with live testimonials later.

New feature
Nov 29, 2020

Set Mile Radius For Coverage Area

Now you can set the coverage area for your location or business in the form. This will change the locations in the testimonials and images.

Nov 28, 2020

Various Fixes

  1. Show image link in Media Manager
  2. Reset Spintax Usage Count Each Month
  3. Fix Issues with saved forms not allowing all functions as new forms
Oct 24, 2020

Global CDN Enhancements

We dramatically increased image distribution though a CDN and Cloudflare DNS. This will allow our hosted images to load extremely fast on your sites.

Oct 23, 2020

Wide Image Aspect Ratio Distortion

The wide images were having distortion in our cropping algorithm. This bug has been corrected.

New feature
Oct 06, 2020

PNG to JPG Conversion

In order to make your images, logos, and icons have that great SEO meta data included with JPG photos, we have added a PNG to JPG processor to the mix. Now you can have smart meta data gathered by our MAGIC FORM inserted automatically into your hosted and optimized images. This meta data is known to be very helpful for local SEO and image search on Google.

Here is a Video of How this Works! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-phg5B9MokU

Cards (6)
SEO Performance
Relevant Image File Names

Add keywords and niche names to image file names.

IP Security Protection - Multiple Session Security

Prevent multiple logins and limit IPs per month.

Promised Feature
Download Images (processed) to Zip File
User Experience
Convert PNGs to JPGs Toggle

This feature would allow for encoding of metadata inside the images. PNGs do not allow this option. Transparent backgrounds will be white.

Promised Feature
(3) Sub Accounts (Enterprise)

Add the ability to add up to 3 sub accounts for Virtual Assistants and Employees to use the form.

Promised Feature
Add More Image Storage

Users can purchase addition GB (Agency & Enterprise only) - 1 GB = $20 one time cost

New feature
Oct 05, 2020

Adding VA or Staff Accounts (Enterprise Plan)

Add up to 3 Accounts for VAs or Staff Members. This is included in your Enterprise Account.

Watch How Easy It Is to do Here: https://youtu.be/8oFKU0N43xo

Cards (1)
Promised Feature
Media Manager

Media Manager - Delete Images, Export Images, Edit meta data (update on server), Show how much space remains

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