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Software for Live Bands to Manage Audio, Lyrics, Videos, Midi Controls, Song List, Effects, Clicks and more with a single computer!

In progress

Support of Open Sound Control (OSC)

Support of Open Sound Control (OSC)

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Locator Scenes

locator can be used to repeat scenes and will be accessible per midi note..

Last updated 2 months ago
New feature
Dec 24, 2020

Release Version 4.5.3


  • Display Waveforms in Sequencer View
  • Show Subgroup Namens into Audio Monitor Mixer


  • Subgroup Mixer to audio Monitor mixer
  • Lyrics Scrolling

Oct 29, 2020

Fix ASIO Driver (windows only)

LiveTraker Win. 4.5.2 - ASIO fix

New feature
Oct 26, 2020

Release Version 4.5.2


    • video length issue
    • fixed and optimized sequencer view: selecting and moving multiple tracks at the same time now works correctly
    • song select per midi note or program

GUI improvements

    • Side List Removed
    • Song edit Windows: Save & Cancel Buttons now moved to upper right
    • Locator Tool: is only an information tool, which let's you document parts/positions of the song. Also it has the option to stop the song when reaching it. this way you can create scenes of a show
Oct 23, 2020


  • fixes video length issue
  • fixes and optimizes sequencer view
Oct 22, 2020


4.5.1 bugfix: text colors are saving correctly now

4.5.0 – NEW: Setlist export to excel file. the option is available under BankOptions -FIX and IMPROVEMENT -bugfixes (midi track, text editor) -gui improvements (preferences) -Website -restyling of My Account Area -Premium Ticket Support integrated into Private Area

4.4.0 – NEW: – Midi Control Track now processes up to 10 events at the same time – Background Band Logo Image support -FIX and IMPROVEMENT -updated third party libraries for more cross-platform-stability

DEC2019 – END OF LIFE for Stagetracker 2 and 3 and Livetraker 3. These products are not still supported and all grace period for discouted updates are expired.

4.3.0 – NEW: improvements to the sequencer editor: added a song length slider smoother scrollbar behaviour stores last zoom state of each song – NEW: preferences – move video to fullscreen button – NEW: color selector (preferences) for changing the text editor colors -BugFix: some minus tweaks

4.2.0 – New: compatible to MacOS Catalina – New: can be installed and activated on one removable Media (Usbpen or SD Card) for running on multiple computer systems – Bugfix: midi input control – Bank Change now processes correct MSB & LSB – Bugfix: midi input control – Program Change now processes correct value

4.1.1 – NEW: improvements to the sequencer editor – bugfix: midi controller no more sends to all midi subgroups at once

4.1.0 – Changed development target, minimum requirement on MAC now is OSX 10.7 (and higher) – added search text box for faster song search – added load and save buttons to save main preferences – added disabling or hiding of unused audio subgroups

4.0.8 bugfix: setlist showed wrong song length bugfix: text editor did not save last character

4.0.6 fixes some window 8 specific issues fixes a focus lost bug on windows & Mac

4.0.5 bugfix: key commands will now be saved correctly bugfix: possible crash at program termination should now be fixed (based on ApplicationCommandManager )

4.0.4 fix: midi control of start/stop, up/down, show lyric in fullscreen now working correctly windows installer is now 64bit and copies livetraker into correct program folder

4.0.3 fix: video did not play from beginning, when changing the start position of the track

4.0.1 fix: the length of videos was limited to 3 minutes New feature: video: added ratio, horizontal- and vertical movement video: added global dependence, in case your screen changes in size or shape midi clock now integrated into click track V4 released – Dec2018

Oct 22, 2020


SIDE list removed - progress done by customer's feedbacks

New idea
displaying pdfs in video window

allow for a video window to recall PDF files by file name, based on triggers set in song. Ideally each video window allows for different PDF files to be automatically displayed so different charts can be viewed for vocalists and instrumentalists

I've accomplished this via creating video files of PDFs, but this creates extra work and requires large video files where compact PDF files would work if they could be directly displayed

Last updated 4 months ago
New idea
VIDEO: Hold background image until next song is played, or hold last frame of previous video

2 options that would be visually very nice and professional looking:

  1. In "auto-select next song" mode, option to hold background image file onscreen until "PLAY" button is pressed for next song. Selectable video crossfade from previous song->background->next song would be nice, professional-looking addition as well, or:

  2. Alternatively, selectable option to hold last frame of previous video (if user has logo image on last frame) in "auto-select next song" mode, also with video crossfade to next song.

Otherwise, GREAT software and reasonably priced!

Last updated 4 months ago