LinkedCamp - public roadmap

In the spirit of transparency, we thought we'd share a peek into our product roadmap to give you a clear idea of what we are working on and what we are planning next. 

We have worked very hard to get our product up to the level where it is today. We believe that it is time now to co-develop and mature our product together with its users.

This is not a commitment to all of these features so please don't start complaining if a feature (that you want to see developed right now) gets pushed back. With your feedback, we'll push features that are critical and provide benefit to a larger audience.

We're also working on a few things that we can't talk about – as soon as we can, we will 💪. There will, of course, be lots of work outside of these specific cards on fixing bugs and making the LinkedCamp experience progressively nicer so please keep the feedback coming!

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Upvote the features you would like to see in LinkedCamp to give us an idea of what you want us to develop next.

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