Phase 0: In progress


FAQ section


Solidify initial marketing plan

Features (2)
  • Craft brand message and brand personlity
  • Secure social media resource(s)
Protocol Dev.

Contract code

Develop protocol contracts

February 2021

Onboard Telegram Community Manager

February 2020

Phase 0: Up next

Business Development

Outreach to other projects

Partnerships, integrations, support/guidance, etc.

April 2020
Protocol Dev.

Protocol beta

April 2020
Token Fundamentals

Submit token to CMC

Pending certain requirements, the token information will be submitted to CMC. It will take from 1-3 weeks, approximately.

March 2021
Token Fundamentals

Submit KFI to DeFi project tracking websites others..

February 2021

Contract audit(s)

Security and integrity audit of the Karma Finance protocol contracts

Token Fundamentals

Etherscan - add CoinGecko URL

Phase 1 prep

Token Fundamentals



Explainer videos

Explainer videos (profesionally-produced) illustrating how KFI and KARBS work with the protocol. [see features]

Features (2)
  • Basic explainer video
  • Animated explainer video
February 2021
Token Fundamentals


Features (1)
  • Tokenomics document
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Recently completed
Research UBI, WEF/UN initiatives (the 'great reset')
Completed 27th November 2020
Protocol Dev.
Re-work Contract logic to Incorporate UBI functionality
Completed 27th November 2020
Complete ALP token transfers

Token transfers to Angel Liquidity Providers. ~1 transfer daily until the end of October.

Completed 2nd November 2020
Token Fundamentals

October 8-14

'Angel Liuidity Provider' drive 2

Completed 9th October 2020
Update Etherscan token info
Completed 23rd September 2020
Sep 30, 2020


Our roadmap has been broken down into 4 phases, as follows.


In the beginning phase we get our ducks in a row, with the basic foundation and purpose of Karma Finance communicated to the public. We begin to crystallize our vision and story, as well as the problem that the Karma DeFi platform solves.


The community and public can better see how the various pieces of the Karma DeFi solution come together as we begin to make use of, and test, the actual protocol. Contract auditing and security is also a focus in this phase.

Phase 2 WISDOM

The Karma DeFi protocol is mature enough that users can more easily extract value from it. A complementary interface that allows users deeper exploration of the protocol (in the form of a mobile app) has begun development.


Users can successfully leverage the KarmaFi application with the DeFi protocol for maximum benefit. The elements for reaching critical mass are in place, allowing for anyone around the world to benefit from Karma Finance by using their inherent human capital to realize its more practical monetary value.

Sep 21, 2020

KarmaFi is Getting Started

New Website You’ll notice our new website with more content and features added. This will give you more of an idea of what Karma Finance is all about, our message, and where we are going with the project.

New Roadmap In the roadmap section of the website you’ll find a list of what we’re currently working on as well as what we have planned. Feel free to create new improvement proposals to help us grow by clicking on ‘Proposals’ and submitting your ideas. The more the merrier.

You can also access the stand-alone roadmap page from here.

New CMO Last, but certainly not least, we’d like to welcome our new CMO, Alex Miller, to the team.

Alex has been a part of the KarmaFi community since the beginning, when he helped us moderate our Telegram channel when things got a little crazy. He’ll be helping Karma Finance get into the minds of the wider crypto community.

Welcome aboard, Alex!

New proposal
App to make Karbs interaction more user friendly/personable

An online app to be used for desktop/mobile that users can input information into and interact with other users in order to more effectively communicate and interact with one another. Potentially have profiles, ability to post videos and pictures, make comments and like other users, and automatically port/create a wallet people can use to send Karbs to one another when they feel necessary. Will also have the stake feature automatically put in. Something similar to Instagram, with capabilities of TikTok's UI.

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