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Howdy 👋

Welcome to our public roadmap! Here you can see what we're currently working on and have planned in the pipeline.

View the What's New tab to see what we've recently released, and have your say on what we work on next by voting for existing ideas. Click Add Idea button on the top to submit a new app(you want us to add)

In progress

New Feature

Linux Version


Add requested Integrations

Thank you very much for your feedback! We are definitely listening and your requests will become reality as soon as possible!

We are currently working on adding the most voted applications of this month, which are:

  1. Asana
  2. Plutio
  3. Zohodesk
  4. Drift
  5. Intercom
  6. Livechat Inc
  7. Microsoft Teams

Up next


Integration for Microsoft Teams

New Feature

Administrator account

Account level systems so team managers can provide access for team members and quickly have access to their work


New Feature

See what you're team is working on in Hubblu

New Feature

Native Talk, Chat, and Collaborate with your team. 



New integrations Added (January 13th)

Hello everyone!

Based on your feedback and requests, we have been working incessantly to add as many integrations as requested. Here is the latest list for you:

  1. Slack
  2. Whatsapp
  3. Flock
  4. Ryver
  5. Facebook Workspace
  6. Skype
  7. Google Meets (via our meeting integration)
  8. Jitsu meet (via our meeting integration)
  9. Outlook Calendar
  10. Google Calendar
  11. Teamup
  12. Gmail
  13. Outlook
  14. Yahoo mail
  15. Proton Mail
  16. Clickup
  17. Trello
  18. Clubhouse
  19. Notion
  20. Feedcamp
  21. Lark
  22. Taskade
  23. Zendesk
  24. Freshdesk
  25. Dropbox
  26. One Drive
  27. Google Drive
  28. iCloud
  29. Apple Notes
  30. Sticky Notes
  31. Evernote
  32. Google Keep
  33. Figma
  35. Pixar
  36. Canva
  37. Mailchimp
  38. Feedly
  39. Google Analytics
  40. Buffer
  41. Publer
  42. AWS
  43. Azure
  44. Heroku
  45. Rollbar
  46. Github
  47. Bitbucket

v1.1(Bug Fixes)

  1. Javascript Installation Erros
  2. Window Positioning
  3. Integration issues(yahoo mail, gmail, google calendar, outlook)
  4. Fixing Outlook Calendar
  5. Minor UI Fixes and Improvements


Customer Support Integrations

Use Hubblu to update your customers directly within our app in 1-click

New Feature


Use Hubblu to talk with your team directly using our new centralized meeting tab. You can join an existing meeting or create a new meeting on Google Meet, Jitsi, Whereby, and more! 

November 2020
New Feature

Autostartup feature

Start Hubblu automatically on your Windows/O.S. Startup

New Feature


Task scheduler system for:

  1. Pomodoro technique
  2. automatic App opening
  3. system reminders
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